Getting an opinion from The CancerExperts MD is a simple process:

The patient must complete and sign the Release Form so that we can accept his/her records. Patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.  Expert reviewers who when asked to comment on the case will be blinded from knowing the patientís name or his/hers physician[s].  Only the Medical director and staff will ever see the actual patientís name.

The Patient records may be forwarded by mail, fax or e mail to CancerExperts MD. Those records necessary to complete a patient report include: all pathology reports, any available lab reports, X-ray reports including all CT scans, MRIís, and PET scans. In addition copies of operative notes, any consultative notes, and admitting and discharge summaries are also requested.  Also, each applicant will be asked to fill out an online form which asks a series designed to give the reviewer a certain degree of how the patient views his medical history.  While this may seem tedious and somewhat redundant to the applicant it allows The CancerExperts MD to assess the degree of understanding the patient has about his/her illness respect to the furnished records.  Lastly, while the responsibility for the collection of the pertinent medical records and their submission is borne by the patient by doing so this speeds up the review time and in turn provides a rather complete record file for the patient to have at his/hers future disposal.

The CancerExperts MD staff enters the clinical data into our web system and a case summary is created from the furnished records.

The CancerExperts MD specialist[s] reviews the case and offers commentary upon diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.  Questions submitted by the patient regarding their clinical care will be addressed in the case report. 

The expertís opinion is reviewed by The CancerExperts MD Medical Director before final approval...  The opinion is then compiled into a report. The patient is sent a summary of the report and any additional literature which may be pertinent to the patientís illness.

CancerExperts MD will also forward a copy of their report to your doctor.



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