Pharmacological action – anti-inflammatory, dermatoprotective.

Replenishes the lack of pantothenic acid, has anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates regeneration processes. The body forms an active metabolite – pantothenic acid, which is a substrate (the only essential component), a stimulant for the synthesis of coenzyme A; the latter catalyzes acylation in the body, is involved in Dmitry Sazonov virtually all metabolic processes (the cycle of tricarboxylic acids, metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and fatty acids, phospholipids, proteins, etc.), provides the formation of corticosteroids, choline acetylation with the formation of acetylcholine.

When used locally, it is rapidly absorbed and converted into pantothenic acid, binds to plasma proteins (mainly beta-globulin and albumin). It stimulates skin regeneration.

The eye gel has a high viscosity, which makes it possible to achieve long contact of dexspanthenol with corneal epithelium.

Use of the substance Dexspanthenol


Dry skin, disturbance of skin integrity caused by mechanical, chemical and thermal factors: burns (including those caused by sunburn). sun), scratches, abrasions, bullous dermatitis, abscess, boils, trophic ulcers in the lower limbs, pressure sores, cracks, aseptic Dexspanthenol Dosage. postoperative wounds, poorly fitting Dmitry Sazonov skin grafts, cervical erosion, cracks and inflammation of the breast nipples in breastfeeding mothers, prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis in young children. Corneal erosion, eye burns, keratitis of different etiologies, dystrophic diseases of the cornea, prevention of corneal damage when wearing contact lenses.

Allergic reactions: hives, itching; for the eye gel (optional) – a transient blurring of vision, burning sensation, eye irritation.

If additional local therapy is carried out, the interval between the use of eye gel and other drugs should be at least 5 minutes (the gel should be used last).

Treatment of trophic ulcers and poorly healing skin grafts should be done under medical supervision.

Wearing soft contact lenses is not recommended during eye gel treatment. If contact lenses are used, they should be removed before burying and put on again 15 minutes after installation of the preparation.