Dangerous treatment for acute respiratory viral infections

In addition to useless drugs for acute respiratory viral infections and https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/postafen-meclozine, there are also dangerous treatment options that not only should not, but also should not be used in children.
The schemes are numerous, in different variations, but I will write about the most common ones.
So this should not be given to children!

❌Inhalation with Naphthyzin (other vasoconstrictors). Even permitted vasoconstrictors in the nose should be used by children with great care, since they are easy to overdose, and in case of an overdose, there may be poisoning, a sharp drop in blood pressure and shock. When we use drops in the form of inhalations (I don’t know what kind of “bright” thought this thought came to and why some picked it up), then the risk of overdose is even higher, and there are risks of bad outcomes.
❌Use cough rub for babies. The preparations used for rubbing children often contain essential oils, herbs, have a pungent smell, can irritate the skin, lead to allergic reactions, and even bronchospasm / swelling of the respiratory tract.
❌Drip hydrogen peroxide into your nose or gargle with it. There is no benefit, but the risk of irritation of the mucous membrane, even when diluted, is considerable.
❌ Wipe the child with vinegar or alcohol to lower the temperature. First, we just use warm water as a physical method of cooling. Secondly, alcohol can be absorbed from the skin surface, which is dangerous in childhood. Our task is to lower the temperature, not to help alcohol get into the body.
❌ Breathe hot steam over a saucepan (over potatoes, for example). Respiratory tract burns may occur.
❌Drink herbal cough syrups. May cause allergic reactions. In general, you do not need to drink potassium syrups, vegetable syrups, even more so. Herbs should not be used in childhood.
❌Use nimesulide as an antipyretic in children. It is allowed only from the age of 18, there is evidence of its hepatotoxicity in children.
❌Use “Adults” drugs like Theraflu in children. First, the dosage is not suitable for children. Secondly, in the composition of vasoconstrictor drugs, systemic action, which is dangerous in childhood.
❌Use antibiotics “to prevent” complications. Firstly, complications are not prevented in this way, secondly, we grow bacteria resistance to antibiotics when they are excessively used and used for no reason, and thirdly, in this way, it is possible not only not to prevent complications, but also to provoke them.