The CancerExperts MD website’s goal is to facilitate patients in identifying that information available in the public domain which actually pertains to their case.  It is intended to offer advice and act as an aid in the decision making process on behalf of the patient. The CancerExperts MD is not a substitute for a formal second opinion.   However,  by reviewing the general clinical data provided by the patient and/or  family  The CancerExperts MD should be able to address most questions raised by the patient regarding diagnostic dilemma’s, general prognosis, potential treatment options, and simple validation of current treatment recommendations and in some cases provide innovative pertinent clinical trial opportunities.  This site is designed to   enlighten confused patients and enable them to make more informed decisions regarding their overall case, diagnosis, care, and prognosis.

CancerExperts MD acknowledges, despite oftimes lengthy discussions patients have with their oncologist or hematologist about their diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, questions still remain even when they may have been asked and answered on more than one occasion. Yet, the family and patient still come away with very disparate opinions as to what their doctor actually said.  By clarifying those concerns which continue to confound the patient CancerExperts MD seeks to empower the patient with advice and options which relieve lingering doubts and in turn enable the patient to make a more informed and rational decision about his or her care.



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