Frequently asked questions about The CancerExperts MD

How much does it cost?

A case review costs $375.00, payable by any major credit card.  While many insurers cover second opinions CancerExperts MD does not consider its advice to comprise a tangible patient consult. For most insurance companies the patient must be seen in person to qualify for reimbursement.  In those situations where clients need additional questions asked about further treatment options and/or prognosis then repeat follow-up case reviews are priced at $125.00

If the pathology   has not already been reviewed by at least two sources, we recommend that a pathology review be done as well. CancerExperts MD does not offer a formal review of any pathology slides but if asked will suggest where slides may be presented for review.

How long does it take for a response?

Often, the longest part of the process is obtaining your records. Once the records are faxed or sent in by e mail the process of reviewing your case can be shortened to only a few days.

Once I sign the form is there anything else I have to do?

No, the release form is the only step you need to complete. Once you sign the release form, CancerExperts MD will then ask you to fax copies of your records or e-mail the copies to our headquarters.

Do I have to come to your office to get a second opinion?

No. The only thing we need to begin the process is for you to complete and sign a release form, fill out the patient questionnaire and submit all pertinent records. . You can download the release form from our website or you can call us and we can fax or mail a release form to you directly. Our phone number is ### ### #### or toll-free 888-468-6030

Who provides the advice on my case?

The Physician[s] reviewing your case are all medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and/or surgeons with extensive experience in the field of oncology and hematology.  Many are from leading academic institutions and   cancer treatment centers.  

All case reviews will not be identified by name or location to any specialist expert asked to submit comments or advice on your case review. Likewise the client will not made aware which expert[s] contributed to your requested assessment.  You are   encouraged to submit any specific questions that you would like the reviewer to address.

Who qualifies them as experts? Who will review my case?

  • The physicians that  offers advice may  fulfill any of the following criteria:
  • An academic appointment at a United States medical school
  • Board certified in his/hers subspecialty
  • Significant clinical publications in peer reviewed cancer or hematology   journals
  • A national or international reputation as a clinical expert
  • Membership on the editorial board of a cancer journal 
  • Investigator on a national cooperative group trial

Is this service available to patients outside of the United States? 

Yes. We welcome patients from around the world. Please contact us and submit your records in the same way as any other client

Are my records kept confidential?

Yes.   The CancerExperts MD  will not release any of your records to anyone unless specifically instructed by the client. CancerExperts MD strongly recommends that its case review be forwarded to you physician for further analysis.  However CancerExperts MD recognizes that not every patient may want to do so.





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