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The CancerExperts MD website is a service designed for patients with cancer or complex blood disorders who seek additional input and commentary from experienced experts in the field of oncology and hematology regarding their treatment options and prognosis.  This website is not intended nor designed to substitute for a formal second or third opinion regarding your actual management. Rather, CancerExperts MD aspires to assist patients, friends and family sort through the confusing and often contradictory information available on cancer, blood disorders especially as it relates to their specific illness.

Patients and families may seek outside counsel for many reasons, for example:

o    a patient may simply desire confirmation that  their doctor has recommended a reasonable treatment approach; a patient might want guidance in the selection of multiple treatment options available for his/her cancer  before deciding on the one that best fits them;

o    many patients  are hesitant to inquire about his/her prognosis with their own physician: a patient may be confused either by their doctor’s explanation or by the data available through textbooks and the internet:

o    a patient may  simply question whether  taking the proposed treatment will actually prolong life or simply ruin the quality of life left.  

Patients are bombarded with information today about cancer and blood diseases. To read, comprehend and determine applicability of the myriad of complex data available as it pertains to an individual case is a daunting task even for the specialist let alone the patient and his/her family.  The CancerExperts MD hopes to sort through the pertinent  information and enable the patient to better understand his or her illness. CancerExperts MD offers this service in a blinded fashion so that the patient may feel that he/she is getting an unbiased and objective  case review.



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